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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trainer Tips: Express workout for busy people

One of the number one reasons people don't exercise (or stop exercising) is because they just "don't have time." Most don't realize that you don't need a lot of time, or stuff, to get a good workout in.

Here's a 20 minute Express Workout that can be done anywhere, anytime!

1) Do 20 PUSHUPS. One of the best exercises you can do, push ups work your abs, upper back (helps get rid of back fat!), lower back, triceps, shoulders and entire core

2) Do 20 BICYCLES. This specifically targets the abs, contributing to overall core strength.

3) Do 20 DIPS. Great for the arms and chest, can be done on a coffee table, bench or even the side of your bathtub.

4) Do 20 alternating stationary LUNGES. These provide an awesome leg workout targeting the gluts, hamstrings and quads

5) Finish with a 60 second WALL SIT. Your knees will thank you and so will your thighs!

Run this as a circuit, starting with #1 and ending with #5. Work yourself up to repeating the circuit 4 times - it should take about 20 minutes and you'll feel great!

Have a few minutes to spare? Squeeze in that workout!!


Robyn said...

Can you give a tip for what a pregnant woman can do besides the bicycles - those are a no no (per my doc)?

Lara said...

Thanks for your comment Robyn. I'll look into this and get you some answers!

Sandy said...

Can this express workout be done 3 to 5 days/week?