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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Success Story: Cathy!

Cathy before:
With a sedentary lifestyle and sitting at a computer all day, my hips and shoulders were starting to give me pain. Plus, I had been steadily packing on the pounds for several years. I was feeling down…a lot.

Then one day in January, I was sitting in my hairdresser’s chair with goop all over my hair when I started talking about an upcoming cruise. I mentioned how depressing it was to think about donning swimwear in public and that’s when the magic happened. Caprice White (you might know her as a fellow bootcamper) started telling me about a new fitness program that she had recently signed up for, Mama Bootcamp. She described how great the workouts were and what it had done for her. I was definitely intrigued, so she suggested that I give the “Main Mamma”, Lorri Ann a call— right there on the spot—goop and all. She used her own cell phone to make my call.

The minute I heard Lorri Ann’s voice and her zest for life, I knew Mama Bootcamp would be good for me. I just had no idea it would be this FUN!

First and foremost the workouts are outdoors, “rain or shine” and I love that! I’m not really a machine kind of person. But it’s more than the workouts. It’s the nutrition and the encouragement to drink lots of water and the mindset for positive change. I am jazzed by the camaraderie of like-minded women coming together for motivation. I feel that everyone around me is experiencing the same excitement.

Lorri Ann really cares; therefore her trainers care, which in turn makes the boot campers care. Her enthusiasm is contagious. If you follow her advice you WILL lose inches. As living proof, I lost 31 inches all over my body in my first 12 weeks and went from a size 14 to a size 10! I jogged/walked my first 5K at the Mama Bootcamp Fall Fun Run and the “firsts” are still coming. I had never run a mile in my life without stopping and I just broke through that barrier. I am now finishing my second 12 weeks and the mojo just keeps building on itself!

Cathy after:
To wrap this up with a little kick, my first official day just happened to be my 55th birthday. Rock on 2010! I love life again. And speaking of loving, it’s done great things for my own love life! Don’t wait for a birthday, or a cruise, or any special occasion, though. Do it now and you will be prepared for that special occasion when it appears.

Lorri Ann inspires lifestyle changes. I am eternally grateful for Mama Bootcamp!

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