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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Success Stories: Cammie Sahyoun

This past year with Mama Bootcamp has been a life changing experience. As a mom of two young boys and a full time elementary teacher I found myself getting caught up in the business of life. I wasn’t taking time for myself, eating well and not motivated to work out. I found myself often overwhelmed, tired and stressed out. Diabetes, obesity, anxiety and heart disease run in my family and I could see how easy it would be to go down that path. It was time to make a change so I could be healthy and enjoy myself, my family and all that life has to offer.

That change came last June 09 when I signed up with Lorri Ann and Mama Bootcamp. Lorri Ann tailored a workout for my busy schedule and showed me the tools I needed to eat healthy and meet my goals. I loved meeting at the weekly boot camps and getting the inspiration by the coaches and others to stay on track. I completed two sessions then signed up for tri-training. I hadn’t ridden a bike in years or swam for any distance since highschool but I was inspired and ready for the challenge. I found myself loving to workout, eating healthy and best of all the results. I went from 41% body fat to 19%. I lost 25 pounds and 75 inches. Size 10/12 to 4/6. Before Mama Bootcamp I could barely run a mile and throughout this year I ran a 5K, 12K and successfully just finished two mini-triathlons. Mama Bootcamp has made numerous positive changes in my life. I can now say I am healthy in many ways and loving it! Can’t wait for what is next!

Before:41% body fat, 169 lbs, size 10

After:19% body fat, 145 pounds, size 4


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Cammie, I am so proud of you. You are a truly inspirational friend!
Love Jen W : )

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What a great success story!