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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Success story: Noreen!

In her first three months with Mama Bootcamp, Noreen lost 16.2% body fat and 44 total inches! Here is her story.

Noreen's Story
After having her second child, Noreen noticed that the weight wasn't coming off as easily as it had after her first pregnancy. Feeling insecure about the extra weight, Noreen decided to see her doctor to discuss her concerns. She was told that there wasn't anything that she could do about the problem and that she should accept it as something that happens with age.
"I heard her say that to me so often that I started to believe it. I gave up on being able to change the path that I was on. After all, a doctor told me to just accept it. She would know, right?"
Noreen before:
"I have to say that, at the time, I thought that I was "all that and a bag of chips". But, after I saw this photo, I really started to think about my life. I realized that I could either accept what the doctor told me or I could make changes to become a healthier and more secure, confident human being."
Taking Control
"I had heard that you should visualize yourself as you would like to be and to hold that image in your head. I knew that I could change the path I was on. Other people older than me were in better shape than I was. I didn't have a million dollars, but I was going to make a commitment to myself. Sometimes we put ourselves last, but not this time."

Getting there:

Noreen slowly but surely started incorporating exercise into her life. She stared walking then jogging. She joined a gym and found some exercise DVDs that she loved.
"My life really turned around in the next couple of years. Although things were going well, though, it seemed that I had plateaued and couldn't seem to get to the next level. That's when God opened up a door for me and that open door led me to Mama Bootcamp!!"
In her first three months with Mama Bootcamp Noreen lost 16.2% body fat and 44 total inches!

"That was so amazing and I had so much fun doing it! Although I had the image of a healthy me in my mind, I didn't know how long it would take to get there. Mama Bootcamp took me to my goal and gave me a great opportunity to help other people reach their goals too! I am so thankful for Mama Bootcamp!"
Congratulations Noreen!  

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Anonymous said...

THIS IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC! Out of all of the success stories, this one truly hit home. Get it girl ;)