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Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #13: Appreciate your body! (Positive Self-Talk)

In earlier challenges, we focused on being grateful and positive instead of negative and complaining. The whole purpose of those challenges was to realize that what you say and think makes a difference in how you act and feel. Whatever you focus on is what you feed, and what you feed grows. If all you think about is what you don't have, your dissatisfaction grows; if most of what you say comes out as a complaint, you forget to see the positive.

This week's challenge builds on that idea.

How many times in a day do you engage in negative self-talk about your BODY? I know I do it ALL.THE.TIME. "I can't wear those, my thighs are too fat." "I hate my arms." "My back is killing me." "I'm just not strong enough." Honestly, I've probably said each of these things to myself, in my head, just in the last 3 hours.

But what about the GOOD things about my body and all of the amazingly positive and wonderful things it has done for me? My legs are strong and get me where I want to go, and I can move around and play with my daughter whenever I want to. I may have stretch marks, but they came from having a baby - a wonderful gift my body gave me. My body may not be perfect, but it sure has served me well so far!

Your challenge this week: Positive Self Talk! Your Bootcamp coach will give you an index card. Give yourself a minute to think about the beauty of your body and then write down some positive things your body has done for you. As the week goes on, listen to yourself (speech and thoughts) and squash that negative body-talk. Use your card to write down something you love about your body, or something wonderful your body has done for you. Anytime you start having those negative thoughts, pull out your card and remind yourself how strong, beautiful and lucky you really are!

Have a great week!

Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #12: The SWIMSUIT Challenge

Like it or not, swimsuit season is just around the corner. It will be time to peel off those layers, and show the world the excellent work you've been doing at Bootcamp :)  Here's a challenge to make the transition from sweaters to swimsuits even more enjoyable!

Your challenge: Set aside 5-10 minutes a day for a Swimsuit workout! Be sure to plan it in advance, and put it on your calendar.

The workout: A set of butt shapers or butt blasters, planking 3 ways (one minute facing down, one minute each side), and 20 bicycles/20 roll outs (3 sets).  Don't know what these are?  Be sure to ask your coach, or check out the VIDEO link to the right!

You'll be amazed at what a different a few minutes a day can make!

Have a GREAT week!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mojo Mondays on KTXL Fox 40

Spring has sprung! And as Mama Bootcamp gets you ready to face swimsuit season and the great outdoors, pick up helpful workout and nutrition tips from our new segment on KTXL FOX 40! Twice monthly—on the first and third Monday’s of the month—join us for Mojo Monday at 8:45 a.m. on KTXL FOX 40 Morning News. Each live morning news fitness segment is tailored specifically for our mamas and more and will provide easy tips that you can incorporate right away into your healthy lifestyle.

Mojo Monday Recap: Monday, March 4, 2013 How To Get A Bodacious Body At Your Desk In 10 Minutes A Day!

Mojo Monday Fast Facts: 
1. 2% or more dehydration = less calories burned!
You will burn 30% less calories all day long if you are dehydrated. And, most people mistake hunger for thirst.
Solution: Drink 40 oz. of water by 12 Noon each day and 40 oz. each afternoon. It will flush fat, toxins and fight fatigue.

2. Myth: Many hours at the gym are need to get bodacious body results! 
Fact: The fact is 15 minutes of daily exercise will provide you with more results than 2 hours at the gym 2x a week!

3. Back away from the vending machine! 
Eat frequent, simple snacks that you can keep in your desk to stoke your metabolic engine and burn more calories.
Apples, oranges, bananas, almonds and protein bars with 20-30 grams of protein are sooo much better. (Note: The body can’t absorb more than 30 grams of protein at a time.)

See more Mama Bootcamp Mojo Mondays on KTXL Fox 40, here!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet Coach Cyndi

What drew you to MBC? Where were you emotionally, physically, spiritually? 
When I came to Mama Bootcamp I was in a very low place physically and mentally. I was at my heaviest in my life and my 43rd birthday was quickly approaching. Each day my whole body would ache and I was exhausted by the end of each day. This feeling and my weight made me sad, and I started noticing that I didn't want to attend social events (even with close friends) because I was so self-conscience about my weight and I was always bone tired. I could barely make it up the two short flights to my office at work.

What made you want to be a coach? 
My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and the "things" that usually made me excited (makeup, purse, books etc.) just didn't seem appealing. I wanted to change, but I was scared to take that step. Then right about that time, I ran into a girlfriend I hadn't seen it a while and she looked great, had lost weight, and was happy and full of energy. I thought that is what I want: to feel like she does!! She told me the secret was Mama Bootcamp. She gave me the number and here I am.

What is the best part of being a coach? 
The best part of being a coach is looking around during a workout and watching the other mamas push themselves. When a mama suddenly realizes that they can do an exercise or are becoming stronger with each workout....It's great to see that realization come across their face, because I know they are feeling strong and proud of themselves at that moment, and I helped them get there. Nothing is prettier then confidence!

What are your interest, hobbies, etc.? What is your life like? 
My life has changed tremendously. I really like being outside in the fresh air. I feel fit, confident, and stronger now... I have not felt that in years.

What is your favorite snack? 
My favorite snack has to be a pink lady apple with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge. Apples are almost perfect - they are high in fiber and have natural sugar, they are full of vitamin B and C, less than 100 calories. I travel a lot for work and I can throw an apple in my bag and snack on that instead of the pastries that usually accompany my work travel. If you add the Laughing Cow cheese which is also low in calories and adds protein it equals the perfect snack.

Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #11: Try a new grain (or two)

Eating healthy, fiber-rich grains is a great way to improve your diet. Not only are they delicious and good for you, but whole grains also make you feel more satisfied and stick with you a lot longer. Because they are more filling, you usually eat less than you would a white, or refined, grain so you end up consuming fewer calories.

Your challenge this week: Try a new grain.

Here's a simple recipe to help you get started:

1/2 cup quinoa (be sure to rinse it well first, then cook it like you would rice), 1/4 cup each avocado and tomato, 1/8 cup of black olives, and 2 TB of Gerards Greek Feta Dressing and only 195 calories! BIG bang for your nutritional buck!

Post a comment here to let us know which grain you tried, how you cooked it, and how you liked it!

Eat your grains!  Your body will love you for it!  Have a GREAT week!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet Coach Jamie

What drew you to MBC? Where were you emotionally, physically, spiritually? 
I joined MBC 2 years ago shortly after having my daughter. I knew needed an outlet to not only get back in shape, but to feel good about myself again. MBC gave me that and more! I met the most amazing and inspiring women while learning how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. That same year I trained for my first triathlon and accomplished my first 5k. Two things I never would have imagined before.

What made you want to be a coach? 
After seeing what MBC gave me, I knew I needed to find a way to give back to other women.

What is the best part of being a coach? 
The best part about being a coach has to be the Mamas! Helping other women to achieve their individual goals and find their mojo is the most rewarding experience.

What are your interest, hobbies, etc.? What is your life like? 
When I'm not busy teaching 1st graders, I love getting out of the house and spending time with my family. I am a mom of an energetic 2 year old who loves going everywhere from the Zoo to Disneyland and everything in between. Thanks to MBC, I now have a healthily addiction to running. So several times a year you can find me racing anything from a 5k to a Half Marathon. This year I hope to run my first full marathon!

What is your favorite snack? 
Hummus with fresh veggies! I can't get enough of it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet Coach Tamara

What drew you to MBC? Where were you emotionally, physically, spiritually? 
It was just over 2 years ago. I ran into an old friend at work and mentioned how great she looked. She told me about Mama Bootcamp and how it changed her life. As a mom of two, I was finding it hard to make time for “ME”. While I had a gym membership and was pretty faithful about attending a kick box class twice a week, I felt very much like I was only going through the motions. There was no motivation for me to push myself just a little harder.... It was all part of a very rote routine. At the end of my conversation with my friend, I decided I would commit to trying MBC. The following Saturday I was at Elk Grove Park for my first MBC experience. I was hooked. I signed up for my first ‐ of several – 12‐week sessions. MBC provided me with a motivating, encouraging, supportive environment to push my limits. Within my first six months, I lost 28 pounds and completed my first 5k, 10k, half marathon, and triathlon ‐ all alongside MBC sisters. My energy sky rocketed and I felt I was able to not only provide myself with "ME" time, but I was able to recommit my energy to my kids and family. The best part? Our FAMILY is now active and my kids see the value of eating well and exercising.

What made you want to be a coach? 
I decided to commit to coaching when an opportunity to "restructure" Mama Bootcamp arose in Elk Grove. Elk Grove Mama Bootcamp brought me to where I am today and I wanted to be sure the opportunity was there for other women. I learned a lot from Coach Marilyn and Coach Jena and hope to bring their energy and passion with me when I coach our Elk Grove Mamas.

What is the best part of being a coach? 
The best part of coaching for me is that I never cease to be inspired. The women I work with weekly remind me every day why I am out there and I feel fortunate to be part of such an amazing group of women. 4. What are your interests, hobbies, etc.? What is your life like? When I am not coaching/training, you'll find me working (preschool teacher for children with Autism ‐ EGUSD), swimming, playing with my two kids (Martina, 9 and Matthias 6), cheering on my ultra‐runner husband (Antonio), traveling, and taking pictures. Our kids keep us busy with homework, swim team, theater, soccer, art class, dance, and basketball.

What is your favorite snack? 
My favorite snacks include Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew KIND bars, veggies with hummus, strawberries from the farmers market and almonds. Peppermint Stick Luna bars are yummy, too!

Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #10: Eliminate the Frenemies

By Lorri Ann Code

Remember the weekly challenge (and all time FAVORITE), when we had you pick a physical area to de-clutter in your lives? You told me about your cars, closets, and even refrigerators! And you loved the freeing feeling of getting rid of the junk that was draining you of your energy and your time. I think this was close to one of our most popular challenges. Well, this is a de-cluttering of the spirit. An emotional kind of clean-up.

You may ask: ‘what the heck is a fenenemy’? Simply put, it is person who says they are your friend but actually is an enemy. May be conscience sort of frenemy, but more than likely it is someone who is not really there for you for a variety of reasons. It is your GF (girlfriend), who when the chips are down and you need someone in your corner…and she is nowhere to be found (either physically or emotionally). It can be disheartening, disappointing, and depending on how embedded she is in your life…downright painful!

Some not quite so painful examples might be: You come into the room sashaying your ‘new look’, fresh from the salon, and your frenemy says “did you do something to your hair?” with a straight face and squinted eyes. Quickly deflating any new sense of confidence you had just acquired through the magical hands of your stylist. Making you doubt your own taste and worse yourself. It is just how we women are built. We look to our friends for confirmation of our new looks and ourselves.

More examples: You call enthusiastically your frenemy, with great news and whole heartedly expect her to join you in your joy. She proceeds to rain on your parade with questions and comments on all the reasons it cannot possibly work or there must be a “catch”, it cannot possibly be that good, instead of enjoying the moment with you. All the while, saying she is just being “realistic” and does not want you to get your hopes up. Why not? Why not get your hopes up?! Through hope, comes change! Hope is a wonderful healing emotion and can be a catalyst for change. Quickly excuse yourself from the conversation before your frenemy quickly and efficiently douses your dreams and enthusiasm in one fell swoop!

The worst way to find out you have a frenemy in your midst is when you really need a friend. Challenge happen in life, whether it be a divorce, a job loss, death in the family, etc. This is the time when you need unwavering, unconditional support and a place to vent. You go to your frenemy looking for your ‘soft spot’ and not only is she not there but worse, she joined the other side. I am sorry to say, but she was never a friend. You actually had a frenemy on the inside (inside your home, social circle, or heart). We, as women, look to each other for positive support and encouragement. A safe place. When the people you surround yourself with are not lifting you up, it is time to cut your losses and move on.

How do you know if you have a frenemy in your life? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How do you feel when you are with your friend? Do you feel uplifted and a general sense of well-being?

Do you hear her saying small, unsupportive passive aggressive comments towards you?

Do her actions match her words?

Biggest indicator: your gut. Your intuition always knows even if you do not want to listen! Do a ‘gut check’ and see how you feel. Simply put: Do you feel better or worst after spending time with her? Best indicator of all! We always know even when we do not want too. Your intuition can be screaming at you and you are saying,’ no, not Susie, she would NEVER do that’. We have instincts for a reason, trust them.

Look around your circle of friends. You should see a wonderful group of people who you enjoy and trust and who ultimately, make your life better. If not then it might be time to do some emotional de-cluttering. We, at Mama Bootcamp, call it the ‘sister code’. Laugh with one another, cheer each other on, and support one another, knowing they would have your back, when the chips are down. Life can be challenging, you need your circle to be clean and healthy!

“Friendships can be for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”

I love that. Simple right. Oprah says (and I paraphrase): “Gayle, my best friend, cheers for me the loudest when I am doing well and is there for me with open arms when I fall”.

Your challenge: take a close look at your "circle." Does it include a frenemy? Or even more than one? If so, reevaluate her/his role in your life, and decide to make a change. Tell her what you think, and what you need. Or simply decide to elevate your circle and to no longer include her in it. Initially this might feel uncomfortable, and even scary. But ultimately, you will only be the better for it. When you are surrounded by "sisters" the world is a much more supportive and happy place.

I wish for all of you a circle of sisters, or as we say at Mama Bootcamp “sistas”. Blessings.

Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #9: Body Care!

We all know that exercise is an integral part of getting and keeping our bodies healthy. But how many of us really take care of the body we are requiring so much of? This week's challenge is all about taking care of your body.

What is body care?  Glad you asked!!!

Ice Massage: Fill a small paper cup up about half way with water, and freeze. When frozen solid, peel down the paper to just below the ice. Use this to massage areas that are tight or sore - just use the ice and dig right in. The ice acts as an anti-inflammatory to help ease the pain and inflammation that can come after a hard workout. (I especially like to do this one on my shins after a long run.)

Massage: Need I say more? Who doesn't love a good massage?!?

Ice Plunge: When you're muscles are tired, sore and have had enough, try reviving with an ice plunge. Put some ice and cold water in the tub, and climb on in. Coach Krista advises keeping some type of shirt on (good tip!) and you might want to have something hot to drink as well. Sounds crazy, and maybe a bit scary, but once you try an ice plunge you'll know for sure that there are few better ways to get your body feeling great.

Foam Roller: Using a foam roller to "work out the kinks" is a quick and easy way to release sore spots. It is great for your calves, hips, quads, hamstrings, and low back. Borrow one at bootcamp, or pick one up at the sporting good store (even Target has then recently). There is a great video here on the blog to help you get started.

Epsom Salt soak: add two cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for about 20 minutes. It will help draw the toxins out of your system, and as a bonus will probably make you sleep like a baby! Be sure to drink a lot of water, as this can be dehydrating, and please note that diabetics should NOT use this modality without first consulting with a doctor.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Every day this week, take care of your body. And at least every other day, try one of the body care regimens listed above.  You'll feel great, and your body will love you for it!

Have a great week, and remember to take care of your body!