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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Success story: Jen!

I started Mama Bootcamp with the amazing Lorri Ann in her Saturday morning class about a year ago because my sister wanted someone to do it with her. She unfortunately did not stay in it long, but I continued because I started to see how much better I felt after each workout!

Then, right before the holidays when I was wanting to amp up my workout routine some more, Lorri Ann started pumping everyone up to train for a mini triathlon. I thought since this is her passion and I knew I could swim a lap, ride a bike, and walk a block that I could train for it.

The training was challenging at times, yet so rewarding and they were some of the best workouts I have ever done! Then on Saturday, June 5th I completed my first mini triathlon in 2:31:14; four minutes faster than my goal! To tell you the truth, the training was harder than the actual race! So hats off to you, Lorri Ann, because you prepared me exceedingly well! I loved it and will be back out there to do it again! I am now currently training to do my first half marathon in October!


It is so nice to hear my friends and family say, “you look good, Jen!” What is even better is that I feel good and I am excited to remain active and live a healthy lifestyle!

One of my goals was to become fit and to learn how to make exercising part of my daily routine. That has definitely happened because of Mama Bootcamp. I lost a total of 39 inches, 5% body fat, 3 lbs, and went from a size 6/8 to a size 4. I am now more toned and fit than I ever have been and I guess I am now an athlete too, since I finished my first mini triathlon all thanks to Lorri Ann and Mama Bootcamp! 

Mama Bootcamp gave me the tools to live an active and healthy lifestyle and I am so grateful for that. So, even if you sign up for something to do with someone else and they do not continue, stick with it because you never know you could find something new to fall in love with.

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