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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trainer Tip: Tune in to get the most out of your workout

Here's a great tip from Coach Cassie about how to get the very most out of every workout:

"I have learned throughout the years how to get the best out of my workouts. One important thing to do is learn how to "tune in" to your body.

While you are doing your resistance training, be sure to "focus on the muscle". For example, if you are doing upright rows, don't just use your arms to pull back. Instead, what you really should focus on is your back muscles (our lats, rhomboids etc) and not the arm movements back and forth.

Time is precious, and I don't like my clients to workout in vain...so next time you are working out...think of the muscle you are trying to strengthen, and concentrate on contracting and relaxing that muscle...tune into it...and you will see great results in no time!"

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