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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Success Story: Dana found her Mojo!

I considered myself an active person or at least I had convinced myself that I was active. I belonged to a local gym for a number of years but my attendance there was quite rare. I would make an effort (about once a year) to start a workout routine but I lacked self motivation. No one at the gym cared whether I was there or not as long as the payments kept coming. I did enjoy other activities which included playing on a coed soccer team once a week (weekend warrior) and occasionally playing golf with the family. Although I wouldn’t admit that I had a weight issue, with each passing year the pounds continued to creep higher. This was just a fact of life for me along with having to get older. Again, my lack of self motivation to make any changes was holding me back.

Last August, a friend of mine asked me to come with her to try out this program called Mama Bootcamp. I went along to try it out with her but wasn’t convinced that this would be any different than belonging to my gym. Boy, was I mistaken! Mama Bootcamp was the motivation I had needed to change my life. The education I received for healthy eating habits and the accountability through the “measurements” was the push I needed. By the end of my first session I had reached my goals and beyond. My greatest success was that I had been able to jog again after 15 years of suffering through a chronic ankle injury. On Thanksgiving Day of last year, I completed my first 5K Run (not walk) event. The feeling I had that day truly made me thankful for many blessings, including my new life thanks to Mama Bootcamp.

I am now into my fourth session with Mama Bootcamp and I participated in the Tri Training. I had gained the self confidence to believe that I could complete a triathlon. I finished my first triathlon this summer. The cross training that I have experienced in the past few months has been awesome.

I am 43 years old and in the best shape of my life. I have lost 49 inches and 22 pounds and went from having 39% body fat to 17%. This has been a transformation from my old self to a new and healthier self. Thank you to Mama Bootcamp for your inspiration and special thanks to my trainers, Lisa, Holly, and Lorri Ann.

Dana Before:
Dana with MOJO!

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