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Friday, September 3, 2010

Kristin's Story - Week 11

Happy Holiday Friday!

I managed to lose another pound this week, despite being out of sorts. I have been staying away from the scale lately but thought maybe a little extra motivation was in order going into the Holiday weekend.
We are heading out on a camping trip with friends so I need to have my head on straight to get through it successfully. I am packing lots of healthy snack options – fruit, almonds, protein shakes etc. Gotta love friends with a first class trailer and blender! We also plan on doing some hiking and I’m bringing my yoga mat so I can do a few sets of planks and pushups in addition to lunges, squats and butt bumps every morning. I’m sure my friends will think I’m crazy but my toned buns and thighs and I won’t mind. ;)

Have a safe and healthy holiday weekend. See you next week!

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