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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Success Story: Rachelle

I started Mama Bootcamp in April 2009 with a friend. I have always been active and I am an avid runner. I had been training for marathons prior to joining bootcamp, but I wasn’t sticking to a consistent weight training routine. After joining Mama Bootcamp, I found that I really enjoyed it and the trainers were fantastic! I didn’t have a whole lot of weight to lose, but I definitely had room for improvement. Since joining, I have lost approximately 10 pounds, 30.5 inches overall, and 10.3% body fat. Just losing 10 pounds has made my running faster and much easier.

I started the Mama Bootcamp Tri Training program in January 2010. My goal had been to complete a swimming triathlon, but I was scared of the swim. The last time I had swum any laps was as a child, so I knew it was going to be like starting over. I went through the program, and now I really enjoy swimming. I completed the Tri-For-Fun sprint distance triathlon at Rancho Seco in June of this year. I am now able to swim comfortably in the pool and open water and can’t wait to try an Olympic distance triathlon in the future.

I am joining Mama Bootcamp as a coach this year. I am excited about working with a great group of ladies and helping others reach their fitness goals.

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