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Friday, August 13, 2010

Kristin's Story - Week 8

Here we are 8 weeks in and I feel great. But….there’s always a “but” isn’t there? But this is a good “but”……wait; what? Let me start over.

 Eight weeks ago I was a mess. Now I feel fabulous! The weeks have positively flown by. I’m in a groove and I think maybe, just maybe I need to kick it up a notch. Boot camp still kicks my booty, but I feel like I could add a couple more workouts to my week to help me see more significant changes over the next four weeks. I was thinking about adding one or two treadmill interval workouts to my weekly schedule and see if that makes a difference in my fat loss.

In addition, I’m going back to square one with my diet. I like eating the same thing every day for the most part because I know exactly how many calories I’m getting and the less guesswork the better for me. The past few weeks have been full of parties and date nights, etc. That makes it more difficult for me to plan and I don’t always feel like I can track my calories accurately. When this happens I just don’t track at all. Makes sense, right? No? Ok, you’re right….it makes no sense at all which is why I need to get back to basics.

So, for the next four weeks I’m going back to week one with my diet and I’m stepping up to the next level with my workouts. Hopefully all this will add up to major changes for week 12.

Have a great weekend!



Sara said...

What is your weekly workout routine now? How many bootcamps, what else do you do during the week?

You're on the right track--glad to hear you're feeling fabulous! Nothing beats that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

I do bootcamp on M-W-F evenings and on Saturday morning. I've been hit or miss on working out in between...a jog here, a Firm tape there...

So I'm hoping adding a couple interval runs and some core work in between will step it up for me. :)

Sara said...

Wow! You are hard core! Way to go--I'm working up to that.