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Friday, August 6, 2010

Kristin's Story - Week 7

The moment of truth has arrived!

Just kidding…. Despite my propensity for dramatic feelings and deep introspective thoughts over the last two weeks, the six week mark came and went with some great news, some much needed perspective and a bit of a kick in the pants. Drama was nowhere to be found.

It’s funny how that happens. Here I was all worried about what effect my results would have on me. How would I cope? What would my mental state be afterwards? PLEASE! What I really needed to ask was “When are you going to get over yourself, already?” I’m working really hard at this. I have my eye on my goals and I’m taking the steps I need to take to get there. Not every step has been perfect, but I am making it happen. Those last five words are key. I. Am. Making. It. Happen. I have control over what I do and how I think. I have control over my results. They do not have control over me.

Take Saturday for instance. I was scheduled to meet Lorri Ann at 6:45 a.m. for measurements before the 7:30a.m. boot camp. One minor problem….my husband had to work Saturday and was leaving the house at 6 a.m. When I got news of this predicament on Friday morning I panicked a little…that’s an early wakeup call for my little ones and although they could probably handle 15 minute at Starbucks, what about boot camp? I will admit that the thought of missing a boot camp sends me into a bit of a tizzy. So, what did I do? On Friday after the Power Hour class, I added a run so I wouldn’t be short a run this week. On Saturday morning, I coaxed the little darlings out of bed at 6:20, loaded them up and headed to Starbucks. (Ok, so I bribed them a little with treats) Lorri Ann was perfectly fine with it and we got it done. I brought the boys with me to boot camp, ran circles on the soccer field while everyone did cardio and it all worked out fine. I could have used the scheduling snafu as a reason to skip, but I didn’t. I made it happen.

On Wednesday I had a crazy, stressful day at work and was still wrapping things up at 5:30. I was cranky and tired and way over-stressed and now I was going to be late for boot camp. I could have just skipped it. I am so glad I didn’t. I missed all but 5 minutes of abs but I still got an amazing workout, a great stress-relieving run and a healthy dose of Miss Holly which is always good for what ails you. You just have to make it happen.
Life is busy; life can be crazy and stressful. If I’m going to reach my goals, I am going to have to quit over-analyzing and just make it happen.

My six week results:
39.5 inches lost
4.3 % fat lost
8 lb weight loss

I want to hear about your successes!  Feel free to post a comment and let me know what worked well for you this week.  :)


Sara said...

Congratulations on your results but also for feeling powerful! I ran a lot faster this week than I ever have--faster than I ever thought I could. Now I know I can push myself and accomplish things I didn't think were possible. Scared of failure? Scared of success? I don't know!

Erica Webster said...

What a great post! You captured so many of the feeling and thoughts I have regarding spending the time to take care of myself.

Congrats on your 6wk results and more importantly congrats on keeping a positive attitude and focused through the daily unexpected hiccups of life.

Look forward to your next update. :)

A Little Bit of Me said...

Hi Sara ~ Congrats on the speedy runs this week! Isn't it great when you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to? If you believe you can, you will! :)

A Little Bit of Me said...

Hi Erica! Thanks! You deserve the time to care for YOU more than anyone I know. Wish I was closer so I could help make it happen. :)