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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ashley's Story: Getting my Life on Track

I promise I haven't disappeared again. I've just been busy with the holidays, head colds, broken bones, and life in general. It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least. My focus hasn't really been on working out, although I've been doing it.

Right before Thanksgiving, I was having some pain in my collarbone. It had been popping for a few weeks and after a weekend of gardening (read: shoveling four cubic yards of mulch) I was having some nagging pain. I sucked it up and when to see my nurse practitioner. Turns out that I broke my collarbone. I know you're thinking, "How do you break your collarbone shoveling mulch?" Well, the quick answer is I didn't. Earlier in the summer - June or July, maybe - I feel off my bike. My lock got caught in my front wheel and I took a tumble over the handle bars. At the time, I felt like only my pride had been hurt. Turns out that wasn't quite true. So, I've been on a limited bootcamp regiment. I can't do any arm exercises for a couple more weeks, but it's going by quickly. I'll be back to full workout just after Christmas...just in time for tri training to start!

While getting my workout cut back was a small blow to my psyche, I've been feeling overwhelmed with work and was letting that take up all of my energy. And when something takes up my emotional energy, that means that I start to overeat and stop taking care of myself. Fortunately, I have a great trainer who also does some wonderful life coaching. :)

I emailed Lorri Ann and spilled the beans about everything I was feeling - how hopeless and overwhelmed I felt and how I had no idea how to pull it all together. She called me with a plan. Last week, I implemented her plan and accomplished more at work in one week then I had in the month prior. Her help has been a true lifesaver. I'm feeling a lot lighter mentally, like I can tackle things again.

It's no surprise to me that emotions are tied closely to my well-being, but sometimes I forget how much better I feel when things are working mentally. That mind/body connection is no joke!

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