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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heidi found her Mojo!

I started looking at Mama Boot Camp when I saw an article in one of the local children's magazines. I saw the before and after photos and testimonials from women who had been successful with the program. I knew I was ready to make changes to live a healthier lifestyle because of all the reasons you hear, but never quite give credit to (I wanted to be around to watch my son grow up, I wanted to look in the mirror and be happy with the self I saw looking back, and I wanted to try to get off the medication I was taking for hypertension). I had heard people give these reasons for weight loss/getting in shape, but until I hit "the breaking point" (150 pounds), I never took it seriously.

I can only say that I loved boot camp so much I decided to sign up for another 12 weeks. Now my goal is to continue to lose inches and body fat percentages (maybe a few more pounds too). Marilyn (the Elk Grove coach) was so supportive, as were the other "campers" that always pushed me to do better. I found running partners and friends that knew words of encouragement I did not even know I needed. I loved that I was held accountable through food logs and code enforcers. Being a teacher, I think I was afraid of what Marilyn's red pen could mean (only kidding). She was never harsh, only constructive ideas were given as feedback to help me be even more successful. I could have never imagined looking forward to getting up on a Saturday morning to meet and work out at Elk Grove Park, but even on the rainiest, coldest days I was there. I can honestly say I had never been committed to working out and losing weight until I found this program. Now I realize this is a lifestyle change, and I love it! Of course sometimes I "fall off the wagon," but I realize that this is not my lifestyle now, so it is easy to pick back up on the things I know I need to do for myself.

After the first 12 weeks I feel amazing. I love getting comments from people I haven't seen in a while as well as from those who have helped me meet my goals along the way. I am excited to see what the next 12 weeks bring, and I am looking forward to completing more 5Ks in the new year.

Here's Heidi before Mama Bootcamp:

And here she is after just 12 weeks of MBC:

Way to go Heidi!!


marilyn said...

Love it! Whoot WHOOT!!! Thank you for the nice words Ms. Heidi!!

Sara said...

Heidi that is so awesome! You are an inspiration now...great pictures.