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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ashley's Story: Procrastination

My motto has always been "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?" I've been a procrastinator for as long as I can remember. I work best with a deadline. I thrive when I'm being pushed to finish something NOW. My house gets cleaned when I know company is on the way. I can get two weeks of work done in two days when my annual conference is looming.

Lately, I realize that I've been procrastinating with my body and my health. Despite the month of plague that hit my house, I've been pretty dedicated to my workouts (at least my walking and bootcamp), but my eating habits have hardly changed. I can't say that I'm surprised that I haven't had the greatest results in the past few weeks considering what I've been shoveling into my mouth. So, knowing that I am one of the world's best procrastinators, I've decided to give myself a due date.

Today, I printed out a week's worth of food logs and a code enforcer. I'm writing my workouts onto the code enforcer and those are workout due dates. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, I challenge you to call me out everyday this next week (even Thanksgiving!) to see if I've filled in my food logs (and for you to do yours too!). I need some accountability. Or if we're not friends on Facebook, call me out on the Mama Bootcamp page.

It's time for me to stop putting this off. Yes, it's going to be hard, but that doesn't mean it won't be worth it!!

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