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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pump Up your Motivation!

So......it's cold, wet and rainy. In thinking about the upcoming fall/winter months and how the darker, cooler days and nights affect our running, it's important to pump up your motivation. It is normal to have motivation problem during the Winter, so how do we attack this issue? Here is one way:

The Inspiration Muscle by Jeff Galloway.
When you're tentative about your motivation getting out the door for a run, if often helps to read (possibly out loud) the following list of benefits you receive after running:

*Your attitude is better after every run
*Stress is released, often completely dissolved
*Natural body chemicals (endorphins) relax the body, reducing or eliminating muscle aches and pains
*Your spirit is engaged, leaving you with feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and strength.
*Body and mind are connected, giving you the confidence that comes with being a more "complete" person.
*Your right brain is engaged, energizing your creative and imaginative resources.
*You're learning connections to hidden inner resources which kick in whenever you're under stress.

Coach Marilyn

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