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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Motivation...from OPRAH!

(via Coach Marilyn)

Many of you have changed your diet, filling your meals with fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead of refined and processed foods. You've pushed your body further than you thought you could go exercising every day. You've woken up hungry…eaten a good breakfast…and cut off your eating two to three hours before your bedtime. You've changed your whole lifestyle. Great start!(Oprah - Jan 2006)

"The key to staying motivated is putting your health at the forefront of why you're working out. And go ahead and admit it—don't you feel better when the workout is over? Applaud yourself each time, and keep doing it.

For exercise, the key is to push — challenge your body, continually and consistently. Even if you started slow, you will build. In each workout, you can begin at a level that's comfortable for three minutes. Add a tenth of a point every minute until you feel that you're working at least at a level 7 out of 10. Every day do at least a tenth of a point higher than the day before.

As I said before, I started my team at 3.0 speed and 3.0 incline, although I knew they were capable of more. But we warmed up and cooled down at 3 and 3 the first week. By the end of the 12th week, we started at 4.0 and 4 incline and that was our cool down! It was so easy it felt like a backrub.

You are probably already surprised at how quickly you're strengthening and improving. And strength over time equates to power.

That, my friends, is the true goal in life to become a powerful force for your own goodwill.

Realize that this isn't just about your lifestyle, or even reaching a goal. It's about your whole life. It's about your heart…pumping blood…pumping love through your veins and being the most alive you can be—for yourself and the people who love you and need you. It's about giving to yourself—knowing you are worth the time, worth the challenge, worth the commitment to take care of yourself.

Yes, your body has changed, but more importantly, you've begun to strengthen your spirit. It's the most powerful feeling you can stir up in yourself!

The most important thing now is for you to build on what you've begun. Take what you've done in this 12 weeks. Develop your own system and plan based on everything you've learned. Make the decision for yourself that you're going to make this work—that you are going to be fit and full of life—for the rest of your life.

Claim your power!"

These are words from Oprah back when she was doing her "bootcamps" around 2005-2006. I wanted to share these words because weight is a very personal issue for 67 percent of obese folks who make up America. The point is, we will not be able to defeat the weight without a plan of attack that includes exercise and food control.

(She continues).................You're just fooling yourself if you think otherwise. There are some people genetically coded to "get away" with no exercise; who can eat "anything" they want. But Oprah says: "And did you ever notice the people who say they can eat "anything" really don't eat everything and volumes of it. And the stars that say they hardly exercise…well let me assure you they hardly eat either. They push the same piece of lettuce around on their plate for an hour or take a bite (just one) out of a piece of cake—and leave the rest."

We want you to have good luck with Mama Bootcamp just like Oprah wanted for her followers in her bootcamp program.. Luck doesn't come without preparation and opportunity. Prepare yourself for the opportunity that awaits you to be healthier and to be your best.

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