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Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #45: Who Are You Thankful For?

Our month of Thanks Giving continues!

Last week, we told the world (ok, Facebook) what we were thankful for.  This week's challenge is about giving thanks to someone who may or may not still be in your life who helped you. You may have never told them, but now is your opportunity.

Our Main Mama Lorri Ann says:  "Mine was Miss Machado, my 8th grade teacher.  She believed in me, and encouraged me as my English teacher to write and express myself. Having a chaotic and painful home life, I looked forward to her words of encouragement to me. She never knew how big an influence she was on my life."

WHO are you thankful for?  If that person is still in your life, give him or her a call and say so!  If you can't do it in person or by email, post on Facebook to tell us all about it.  You may just make someone's day!  

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