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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bored with food? Go exploring!

Does your grocery list look the same every time you go to the store? It's time to shake things up!


Here are two things to try:
  1. Try one new veggie and/or fruit each week. Peruse the produce section of your supermarket to find something that you haven't had before (or haven't had in awhile). Pomegranates are beginning to appear in stores- how long has it been since you had one? (Tip for opening a pomegranate.) 
  2. Visit the bulk foods section and choose a new-to-you whole grain. Use in place of rice in a dish, top with roasted veggies, or serve warm for breakfast with fruits and nuts. One excellent grain to try is farro.  
Need some help with cooking new grains? Check out this website.

Feel free to share you discoveries and recipes in the comments!

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