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Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Weekly Challenge #51: Give YOURSELF a Gift

Is it just me, or have you spent the last few weeks scouring the planet for gifts?  Gifts for the kids, your best friend, family, coworkers - even the dog gets a gift this time of year.  It is fun to give, and picking out just the right thing is rewarding but...what about YOU?

This might be one of my favorite challenges because this week I want you to give a gift to YOURSELF!

Your gift can be whatever you decide on that works for your life.  Feeling a little chilly at bootcamp this winter?  Gift yourself a cozy hat.  Some new running socks?  You deserve them.  A water bottle to help you stay hydrated? Done.  Feeling like you need some time to yourself?  Give yourself the gift of an extra bootcamp this week, or even better a pedicure or massage!

Most women spend the majority of their non working (or even working) hours taking care of the needs and wants of others.  This year, give yourself the same treatment and give yourself a gift.


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