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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Message from the Mama

I love spring! The vibrant colors, promise of new life, change and the option for growth….oops…did I just say “option”?? A lot of people started the year with the promise of losing weight, starting a running program, or cleaning up their diet. Maybe they were going to stop eating fast food, get up and run before work, or join the newest “biggest loser” contest at work. Maybe they actually did, but for whatever reason, did not reach their goal or what I like to say “find their mojo.” It could have been that “it’s too hard to get up that early” or “my job is too stressful to make changes now” or “my hubby, boss, friends, sisters, etc. sabotage my efforts.” Lots of excuses…oops, there I go again, LOL! I mean “reasons”. 

Here is what I LOVE to remind my Mamas: at ANY point and time you can change your mind. I recently had a conversation with a Mama after she had lost over 40 pounds and I asked her, what after all these years, changed for you? And she said, “I decided to honor my word and myself.” It's that simple. She changed her mind and started to honor herself.

When you change your mind you start making small, simple changes: walking at lunch, drinking 40 ounces of water by noon, eating broccoli with dinner, cutting out soda or fast food, etc. Did I ever say this was easy? No there will be challenges along the way, but I think it is much harder to keep sitting on the coach, letting life pass you by. Please read the following and look at ALL the benefits to changing your mind. 

WARNING!! Living a fit and healthy lifestyle could result in the following side effects: a feeling of euphoria, peace of mind, over abundance of confidence, sense of purpose, long and active life, increased libido, positive outlook on life and looking and feeling great!

Happy Spring from me and all of my Mama Team!
Lorri Ann

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