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Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspirational Mama - Julie Henderson

I somewhat accidentally discovered Mama Bootcamp. It was one of those
things that were just meant to be. I had been running at McKinley Park for
several months and had noticed a group of women working with Lorri Ann.
Finally curiosity got the best of me and I decided to stop and see what all
the fuss was about! Lorri Ann was inspiring from the first time I met her.
I watched the group interaction and realized I wanted to be a part of this
incredible experience.

I decided to join Mama Bootcamp in August. My first Bootcamp was
unforgettable. I realized very quickly that this would be a wonderful
experience. Women I had never met encouraged me to succeed. In addition to
the physical activity I soon learned what "finding your mojo" meant. My own
health and well being became of utmost importance.

The better I started to feel the more my life transformed into something
even more beautiful. In addition I was rewarded with results that I was
unable to achieve on my own. I honestly don't recall ever feeling better!

Life is pretty wonderful...especially when you've found your mojo!


Julie Before

Julie After

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Brian Henderson said...

So proud of my mama! You are beautiful inside and out!