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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ashley Story: Week 4 - Letting Life Get the Best of You

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how I would be traveling home to visit family. I've been here since the 5th without my husband, but with my two children. It's been wonderful to see my family, but I've really failed as far as taking care of myself. Life as a quasi single mother is tough. I give HUGE props to women who do this all the time. You are heroes.

I wish that I could write and say that I haven't let temptation get the best of me, but I have. I'm tired and emotionally drained. Last night was the first day since I've arrived that my kids have been in bed before 10 pm (granted we're all stuck somewhere between East Coast and West Coast time). I guess I forgot when I planned my three-week adventure home that everyone here would be living their normal lives and not on vacation with me. So, instead of all of the extra help I had been fantasizing about, I've really made more work for myself.

Since I'm an emotional/stress eater who is visiting a place full of horrible foods that I grew up loving and eating, I've found myself digging in and eating out a lot. I've also missed most of my workouts and not taken much time for myself. I feel like I'm typing out a laundry list of excuses here, but I think I'm more exhausted right now than I was during the first two weeks of my son's life.

So, what am I going to do about all of this?

Well, my husband arrives on Monday. I'll have a week here with him here to help with the kids. We'll also be moving from my sister's house to my mother's house next week, so I'll finally be sleeping in a room without the kids. That extra sleep should make a big difference in how I feel. So my goal for the next week is to try my hardest to get back on track. I came here with the best intentions. Now, it's time to follow through and stop making excuses. I'm ready for this, so why am I fighting against it with everything I have?

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